I Heart Cars, Online Used Cars and Trucks

I Heart Cars is your online car and truck super center.

You work hard for your money and you deserve an awesome vehicle that suits all of your needs .Most consumers have a check list and we are here to fulfill it! I heart Cars will help you select, price, locate and test drive the used car or truck in Columbia that is best for you. The most cost efficient way to buy a vehicle is to buy a well-kept pre-owned (used) car or truck.

We all want that perfect vehicle that has every function and extras we dream of. I Heart Cars are here to make that dream happen! Whether you are looking for small pickup truck or a 7 passenger SUV…we are the gateway to quality pre-owned vehicles. I Heart Cars work closely with local and national dealerships to find the best deals and quality cars! We provide the most competitive price possible because these are the cars and trucks the dealer wants to MOVE….and MOVE them fast!!!!

We have access to “BUY HERE PAY HERE CARS” (Special Financing) and dealerships with great credit union interest rates. Need a vehicle under 3000 bucks?  ….. Let us find it for you! We can even line you up with a personal salesman who we endorse as knowledgeable and courteous! I Heart Cars has access to Hondas, Toyotas, Hyundai’s, Fords, Audi, Nissans, Lincoln and many other brands for sale in your local area!


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